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This Lj is Flocked.

Jeremy :)


When I say I'm friends only, I don't just mean "comment and I will add you." If I don't know you and/or have interacted with you somewhere else, I won't add you. Get to know me, be my friend in a community, on Twitter, or somewhere else, and I will probably add you all on my own. This journal is for me and my Friends. I take that quite seriously.

OMG it's been so long

A surprisingly lovely comment to receive this morning:

Subject: OT: Your story has been featured on the SSHG Quiz!
It's Severus Snape's birthday and quiz_sshg is back to celebrate! Your story, January 9th
, celebrates Snape's birthday and is featured on the quiz with a quote and a link to your story. Please accept our Featured Author banner as our thank you for sharing your story with SSHG fangirls everywhere.

I forgot I wrote that even! It's been agesssssssssssss oh my Lord. My original in all of fandom OTP. *sigh*

I also don't write worth shit so the fact that anyone even remembered I did that, good on you. Ha! :D

Happy Belated Birthday, Severus!
Jeremy :)

The film I co-produced for my friend Dan (he's that guy that directed White Other w Imelda Staunton and Tom Felton back in the day) is coming to screen at Chicago!!!! Lad: A Yorkshire Story was accepted to screen at the Chicago International Film Festival !!!!!

I will be attending the October 12 showing and (hopefully) again on the 14th if anyone would like to join me. You can order your tickets ahead of time at the first link. My mom and sister will be joining me on the 12th and (maybe) Hubs I don't know yet. Dan is hoping to fly in for it if the new Mrs will let him.  He would literally only be there for like... 14 hours if he did make it.

Anyway, I would love it if those of you in the Illinois/Midwest area could make it. enchanted_jae I'm still hoping to possibly see you in Madison the weekend after - I won't have $$$ to see the show (holy shit are hotels expensive in downtown Chicago), but I could maybe meet you for lunch instead?

I am so getting a picture of my name on the big screen this time!!!!! THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!